Parties At The Village Hall

Three Balloons
  1. Be sure to read and to carry out ALL Safety Precautions in the leaflet you have been given. You personally are responsible for the safety of everyone at your party.
  2. Do not use naked flames, such as matches or candles, at any time (This includes birthday candles).
  3. Make sure any electrical equipment you hire or bring to the Hall, such as the compressor for a bouncy castle, has a current PAT (Portable Appliance Test) notice displayed upon it.
  4. Make sure your party is finished and the Hall is cleaned and tidy by the time you agreed.
  5. The Hall does not employ a caretaker. It is your responsibility to:
      • Return all furniture to its original place ready for the next user and remove any temporary decorations.
      • Clean the Hall thoroughly (there are brooms in the storage room next to the kitchen) and put all rubbish in the large bin at the far end of the car park.
      • Remove all your belongings and check that no food or drinks are left anywhere, including the fridge.
      • Check that all room heaters and water heaters are switched off, but the fridge remains ON.
      • Check that all windows and fire exits are securely closed and the doors locked.
  6. Return the key to the Booking Secretary’s address promptly as agreed at hiring.
Three more Balloons

Version 1 November 2009