How to Book

Please start by establishing suitability and availability.

There is some guidance on suitability in our FAQs. If you plan to run a party please read our Parties at the Village Hall page.

Complete the online availability enquiry form or contact the Bookings Secretary: Telephone 504485.

Step 2 - Send a paper form to the booking secretary

You will then need to complete a full Booking Application Form (download PDF), read and accept the full Conditions of Hire .

Send the competed form to the address given on it with a cheques payable to St Catherine’s Village Hall Ltd, made out for the hire charge (see below) and dated currently.

Once the application is accepted the Bookings Secretary will send you a copy of the form for you to keep.

Hall Rental Charges

From 1st October 2022

The following are the rates of charge that will apply from 1st October 2022 until further notice. The charges are per session, the lower figure in each case being that for clubs, societies and charities, the higher figure (in parentheses) that for commercial users and events aimed at profit.

Main hall

Morning 09:00−13:00 £46.00 (£92)

Afternoon 13:30−17:30 £46.00 (£92)

Evening 18:00−23:30 £46.00 (£92)

Club room

Morning 09:00−13:00 £23.00 (£46)

Afternoon 13:30−17:30 £23.00 (£46)

Evening 18:00−23:30 £23.00 (£46)

The session times must be strictly adhered to – please allow enough time for tidying-up after your event to be able to leave the premises by the due time.

Booking File Downloads

Booking application form

Full Terms and Conditions

All hire conditions in one PDF file (1MB)

Individual hire terms and condition documents: (all are included in the larger file above)

Conditions of Hire (235KB)

COVID-19: Special Conditions (194KB)

Public Safety Precautions (401KB)

Premises Licence (383KB)

Privacy Notice (208KB)

COVID-19: Safety Precautions (222KB)

COVID-19: Keep Hall Secure Notice (113KB)

COVID-19: Risk Assessment (202KB)

Other information files:

User FAQs

Parties at the hall