User FAQs

This page should not be confused with the full Conditions of Hire which all hirers must read carefully. Complete compliance with all the Conditions of Hire is required.

What facilities does St Catherine's Village Hall have?

Main Hall

The Main Hall can hold up to 100 attendees. It is approximately 11 x 8.5 m of floorspace (93 sq. metres) plus a raised, stage area of approximately 16 sq metres, with a drop-down screen for projection. There are 96 chairs and enough tables to seat up to 90 attendees. Ladies', gentlemen's, and an accessible lavatory are located through a cloakroom area.

Club Room

The Club Room is suitable for smaller meetings or presentations of up to 30 people, or 12 sitting at the tables, committee style. It is approximately 6.5 x 4.5m (29 sq. metres.)

Kitchen Area

The kitchen area can be used by hirers of either room. It is equipped with a fridge, a water boiler urn, a two-ring electric hob, a convection oven, a microwave oven and two kettles.

Images of the rooms can be seen in the Village Hall section of the St Catherine’s Village Website.


A pay telephone is installed (calls to mobile phones are not possible) and Wi-Fi broadband is available throughout the Hall. (The booking secretary can give you the password.)

When is the Hall available?

The Hall is available between 9am to 11.30pm all week. There are three booking periods: Morning 9am to 1pm; Afternoon 1.30pm to 5.30pm; and Evening 6pm to 11.30pm.

Can food be prepared in the kitchen?

The kitchen is only suitable for the serving of hot drinks and light refreshments or for plating-up hot meals that have been prepared off-site. Some crockery and cutlery are kept in the kitchen. Further crockery sets and cutlery for up to 100 people are available on request. Dishcloths, tea towels or extra bin bags for rubbish are not provided. Compliance with Food and Health & Safety regulations is the responsibility of individual hirers and any caterers they may employ. You must inform the Bookings Secretary that you intend to use the kitchen when you apply to book a room.

Do I have to share the kitchen facilities with other groups using the Hall?

You might have to, yes. It is important that you tick the appropriate box on the application form. Timings may need to be arranged with other hirers. Please discuss with the Bookings Secretary.

What about parking?

A tarmacked car park is situated right by the Hall. There are 24 spaces though some may be reserved. Spaces are available on a first come first served basis. Vehicles and contents are left at the owner’s own risk. The Trustees do not guarantee to clear the car park of snow.

What if I want to serve alcohol in the Hall?

If you intend to serve alcohol during the period of your booking you must inform the Booking Secretary by completing the relevant section of the booking application form appropriately. A Temporary Event Notice may be required. These have to be obtained from GBC with due notice.

Is the Hall suitable for children's parties?

Yes, but please see the separate information sheet for advice.

Can animals be taken into the Hall?

No, this is a strict rule; the only exceptions are assistance dogs.

How much does it cost to hire?

For community users, charges range from £20 for a single Club Room session to £120 for a whole day's hire of the Main Hall. Commercial rates are higher. The charge schedule is on this website.

How can I make a booking?

Unless you are a regular user, please use the booking enquiry form that can be found by clicking on the ‘Bookings & Charges’ icon in the Village Hall section, or telephone the Bookings Secretary to confirm suitability and availability. You will then need to complete a full application form, read and accept the full Conditions of Hire and submit up to two payments (payable to St Catherine’s Village Hall Ltd.): one for the hire charge and possibly another as a deposit. Once the application is accepted the Bookings Secretary will send you a copy of the form for you to keep.

Does the person who makes the booking have to be present at the event?

No, but if not then the person who is going to be present at the event and taking charge of it MUST be so delegated by the legal hirer on the booking application form.

How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel a booked event, please advise the Bookings Secretary as soon as possible. If you cancel more than four complete weeks before the booked date, any payments will be returned.

What if the Hall cannot be used or reached because of snow?

If the Trustees are unable to keep Hall doorways clear of snow or if the Hall itself is unfit for use, a refund will be made. Snow in the car park or surrounding roads, will not of itself trigger a refund. The car park can only be cleared on a best efforts basis.

How do I get into the Hall?

Keys to gain access to the Hall will be provided by the Bookings Secretary who lives nearby. You must make a mutually convenient arrangement for their prompt collection and return. You will sign for the keys when you collect them and their safe custody is your responsibility.

Can I start my event earlier than the time slot booked?


Can I drop things off before the booked time slot?


Can I bring my own electrical equipment into the Hall?

You may bring electrical equipment into the Hall to use during your event e.g. a projector but it must be in good working order, and used in a safe manner.

Can I play amplified music in the Hall?

Bookings for discos or similar events involving music amplified above normal levels of domestic audio reproduction are not accepted. The Hall has a performance licence for live music but if you intend to play any recorded music or videos you may have to obtain a licence from PPL.

As the organiser what responsibilities will I have?

You are responsible for everything as described in the Conditions of Hire, for example:

      • Ensuring that your event is conducted in accordance with your booking application and in a safe, orderly and lawful manner

      • The number attending your event does not exceed that given in your application, with all conducting themselves properly

      • Having sufficient competent adults present at all times to help you to fulfil your responsibilities

      • Giving a fire briefing, pointing out that no naked flames are allowed; the location of the fire doors; and the location of the muster point in the car park by the grit bin

      • Ensuring attendees are aware that the Hall is situated in a residential neighbourhood. Loud noise or other obtrusive conduct must not be allowed at any time

      • That the preparation and service of food and drinks are carried out in a safe manner, in clean conditions and in accordance with all relevant regulations

      • That no decorations, notices or other objects are attached to any part of the structure by pins or any means that may mark or otherwise damage the Hall surfaces

What if there is an emergency during the event?

If evacuation of the Hall is necessary:

      • Ensure everyone leaves as quickly as possible through the fire doors available.

      • Reassemble at the designated muster point at the lower end of the car park, by the grit bin.

      • Call the appropriate emergency services giving the address as: St Catherine’s Village Hall, Chestnut Avenue, Guildford, GU2 4HF (Please also inform the Trustees as soon as is practicable)

      • Check as far as possible that no one has been left in the Hall.

Where emergency services are not required but urgent attention is required, e.g. a water leak, the Trustees are to be informed asap. Contact numbers can be found on the outside notice board by the front door and on notice boards within the Hall.

What will I need to do at the end of my event?

In order to keep our hire charges low, we do not employ full time staff. You should ensure that:

    • The Hall is left in a clean and tidy condition, with any debris or spillages cleaned away and all tables, chairs and other equipment returned to their proper places. (Basic cleaning equipment is available in the cupboard adjacent to the kitchen). Rubbish should be bagged and placed in the skip in the Hall car park.

    • All lights and heaters are turned off, all windows fastened and all doors properly locked.

When will I get my deposit back?

Once the Booking Secretary has confirmed that there is no damage to the Hall, normally within two weeks, any deposit will be returned to you.

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