Public Safety Precautions

1 Introduction

(i) Your application to hire the Hall is an acknowledgement that you have received this instruction sheet, that you have read and understood it and that you are sure you can deal appropriately with an emergency. If you have not previously used the Hall and/or are not familiar with it, you are strongly advised to ask to visit it before your event, to ensure you understand its layout and can make prompt use of these instructions in the event of an emergency. You must advise the Bookings Secretary if you have any doubts on this subject, so that you can receive further instruction before your event takes place.

(ii) You should take this instruction sheet with you to your event, to use as a checklist and to refer to in case of emergency.

2 Means of escape from the Hall and other safety measures

The last page of these instructions contains a plan of the Hall premises showing the location of the:

      • Emergency exits from the building

      • Illuminated exit signs

      • Assembly point outside the building

      • Fire extinguishers, designating the three different types

      • Fire blanket

      • Public telephone

      • Main isolating switch for the electrical supply

      • First Aid kit and the Accident Book

3 Preparing for your event

(i) At the beginning of your period of hire and before your event starts, you must check that:

  • There is no apparent damage to the building, no water leakage, etc

  • The lighting in the areas of the building you are using is working correctly

  • There are no obvious fire hazards on the premises

  • All fire exits are unlocked, and the panic bolts are in good working order

  • All escape routes are free of obstruction and can be safely used

  • All fire extinguishers are in place and unobstructed

(ii) In preparing for your event:

  • Do not attempt to move heavy items unaided. Use the trolley provided for moving stacked chairs. The use of ladders is potentially dangerous and any hirer should ensure that they are fully familiar with the requirements of UK law relating to ladders and their use, including 'The Work at Height Regulations 2005 (as amended) and any subsequent revisions thereof, before making use of any ladders.

  • Do not bring onto the premises any heating or electrical equipment of any kind without the authorisation of the trustees and ensure that any equipment that is authorised is in good working order and appropriately certified

  • Do not allow any combustible materials to be placed near to lights or heaters

(iii) You must ensure you have sufficient responsible adults on hand to control your event in accordance with the Conditions of Hire and that they are fully briefed by you on emergency procedures. This is particularly true where the very young, old or disabled are present and that you have sufficient resources present to deal with any emergency or evacuation.

4 Supervising your event

(i) At the commencement of your event, you must point out to everyone attending it the location of the emergency exits, the method of opening them and the location of the Assembly Point.

(ii) Do not allow smoking, the use of matches, candles or naked flames of any kind anywhere on the premises

(iii) Check, during your event, that nothing is done to obstruct the fire exits or the routes to them and that the emergency exit signs remain in operation.

5 Outbreaks of fire or other cause for evacuation

(i) In the event of an outbreak of fire, however slight, the Hall premises must be evacuated immediately and the Fire Brigade must be called.

(ii) You and the responsible adults helping you must ensure that no-one remains in the building (for example in the toilets) and that no-one who has been evacuated returns to it.

(iii) You and the responsible adults helping you should use the fire extinguishers to control the outbreak only if it is manifestly safe to do so.

6 Accidents

(i) If an accident occurs to any person at your event, you are advised, for all but the most minor injuries, to get professional assistance immediately, either by calling the emergency services or by taking the person to the Accident & Emergency Unit at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

(ii) For any accident, you are required to complete an Accident Report Form in the Accident Book that is provided as part of the First Aid equipment and to give this to the Bookings Secretary or to another trustee as soon as possible.

7 Finishing your event

At the conclusion of your event, you must check that all:

    • Heaters are turned off.

    • Kitchen equipment (except the refrigerator) is turned off.

    • Taps in the toilets are turned off.

    • Windows are closed.

    • Internal doors are closed.

    • External doors are locked

8 In case of difficulty or emergency

The following are the telephone numbers of trustees to call if you need help or advice (in order based on distance from the hall):

  • Eric Thorniley – 504485

  • Bob Drake – 457646

  • Richard Garcka – 823946

  • Ros Calow – 574730

  • Graham Vincent – 511593

  • Stephanie Webster – 852470

There is a telephone by the entrance door next to the kitchen.

The Hall is sited in Chestnut Avenue, GU2 4HF

9 Safety Plan

Version 7, 19 May 2021

PDF Version (401KB)

All hire condition files combined in one PDF file (1MB)